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These platforms are probably the reason most of you are here, so thank you all for your support throughout the years! This website would not have been made without all the love and appreciation I've gotten, both from fans on Twitch and on YouTube! Here below on this page you can see a little bit of the journey of my content throughout the years, as well as my Twitch livestream (that is if I'm live). Enjoy the content!

Am I Live?

Check out my livestreams here on twitch! I'm trying to cover a lot of variety of various games!

Did You Know I Actually Made a Website Back in 2015?

The site was absolutely terrible compared to this website, but granted I made this website back when I was 14! I didn't have much of a point to the website, but I thought the concept of making one was cool. Here is a video of me showing off that website (you can even hear my little voice)

The Beginning!

This wasn't my first ever video, but it was one of my first talking ones. I was still getting the hang of everything and I wanted to do some LEGO Reviews. You can see how the quality of the videos were back then, I was using a camera that recorded in SD so it was very low quality.


This was my first attempt at a real stopmotion. I also did some stopmotion builds of some minifigures and a couple of sets in the future, but in terms of actual stopmotions I only did a few. As you can see by this video, it wasn't high quality by any means but I enjoyed creating it. This was all done through an app that LEGO made called LEGO Movie Maker.

Full Wave Collected!

I remember I used to be so into collecting every single wave of sets. That was back when the price to buy sets was a lot more bearable. Nowadays there's always that big set that costs so much so I can never get them all. In this video I take a look at all the Ninjago Season 4 sets, I really enjoyed these sets which is why I collected the whole wave.


I also covered unboxing videos in addition to reviews. This one is one of my favorites because I was able to get a set over a month early because sometimes other countries get LEGO Sets before the US. I also like that I titled it "Mystery Set." Want to know the mystery? Better watch this one!

Unboxing + Review?

I really enjoyed this video. It was an unboxing and then straight into a review, even comparing it to the other DVDs that had come out already. I really liked the knowledge I had too, at one point I mention the pictures on the back and state the exact episode they are from, one of which I didn't even realize at the time but eventually became a profile pic of mine, and is still in my logo today.

Something New?

This was my first gaming video. I remember loving this game when it came out, and I still love Kirby to this day. At the time of this video I only had a Wii, but I wanted to branch out to gaming content. I didn't even have a capture card or a pc yet either, so I just ended up recording this with a camera on a TV, which looking back on this wasn't very smart, especially because these were some of my least viewed videos. However as much as I hate to say it because of how I recorded it, this was the beginning of a new era in terms of my content creation.

Buying Dimensions Packs Before the Game?

So this was a fun one. I was so hyped for LEGO Dimensions to come out, and I didn't even have a console to play it on! I figured I would eventually get the game (I remember asking for an Xbox 360 exclusively for this game), so I got this pack a few days after the game came out, and eventually even a couple others. But since I didn't have it yet, I had to build the pack through online instructions because of the way the game is designed. But you can see the level of hype I had for this game just seeing me buy this almost three months before I thought I was getting the game.

The Day Everything Changed

This was probably one of the most important videos on my channel. It was a day where all the content of my channel kind of switched gears a little bit. Christmas 2015 was probably the best Christmas I've ever had in my life. Watch this video and you'll understand what I mean.

The Review of My Favorite Game

This video was also one of my favorites, and very important. It directly correlates to the previous video in which everything kinda changed. I started to put a lot more effort into collecting Dimensions sets rather than Ninjago sets over the course of the rest of the history of my channel.

Local Gameplay!

What was great about getting an Xbox was the ability to record gameplay locally onto the console without a capture card. So I started to post LEGO Dimensions Gameplay videos. The only caveat was that I could only record up to 10 minutes at the time, and all of these videos had no mic. However, somehow I was getting much more views on these videos than anything else. This video right here is one of those. It still is in the top 10 most viewed on my channel.

Growing Fast?

Looking back at this with the amount of subscribers I have now is crazy, especially after getting that many twitch followers in less than half the time I did this, but I remember being so happy about hitting this milestone. I up to this point had never shown my face, so this was a fun video to do for 100 I thought, even though my face is technically not fully shown off in this special. But I had my dad record this for me, and I think it turned out nicely!

Haul Videos

You could kinda see at this point how much LEGO Dimensions had taken over my channel. Kinda like I said earlier, I still had a little bit of focus on new Ninjago sets too, but most of my energy was on packs needed to beat LEGO Dimensions. But it didn't stop me from making haul videos!

Midway Arcade

This video has a lot of nostalgia for me, as I remember playing some of the Midway Arcade Games for hours! This was my favorite out of the 23 arcade games on there, although they all were extremely fun.


This was my first glitch video from LEGO Dimensions. I don't know how this even happened, but one thing Dimensions is known for is the glitches it contains. There were many more glitch videos that I did after this because that's the kind of game I was playing. This video grew extremely popular, and it's still one of my most popular videos to date.

Dimensions Reviews

I haven't even talked about these yet, but yes I still continued to do reviews for sets after I started making Dimensions content, including reviewing all the Dimensions packs I got! This was actually the final pack I needed in order to fully complete Year 1 of Dimensions (check below). As you can see, I have a different approach to reviewing the Dimensions sets as opposed to the Ninjago sets.

Year 1 Done!

This was my final Dimensions Gameplay for Year 1, and I had never seen what happens after you get all 480 Gold Bricks. I had a lot of fun with all of these gameplays, but this became a big part of my channel. Year 2 wasn't going to be out for a few months. So the question was what kind of stuff was I going to do now until Year 2 had come out?

Other Games!

This was my only LEGO Marvel Superheroes video and the only real reason I made this is because I discovered a whole bunch of glitches. I'm very glad I made this as it is one of only two videos on my channel which has over 50k views. If you'd like to see all the fun glitches take a look.

Longer Gameplay?

This was a video I made and I don't even really remember how I was able to record this long at the time. I still wouldn't have a capture card for about a month after this, and I think this inspired me to get one in the first place. I was definitely branching out to other LEGO Games at this point, and I was having fun playing older games because I missed out on a lot of LEGO Games because they stopped making them for the Wii a while ago. LEGO Batman 3 was one of those games.

Book Review

This was a long one, and I think this is one of my most in depth reviews on my channel. I took the time to go through many pages of this book. I had definitely slowed in the amount of videos releasing at this point, but the quality as I was growing was also improving. Like I said, probably my best review at the time.

Buying Guide!

Even watching this now, if you only want to complete Year 1, this is completely accurate. I spent a lot of time on this video making sure I knew what I was talking about and it is still one of my most in depth videos to date, very underrated surprisingly. And the only research I did for this was just with the play experience I had done in this game, since I did have Year 1 complete when this released. Since I had Year 1 finished I definitely knew a lot about how the game functioned.

Brick Fest Live!

In 2016 I had the chance to attend Brick Fest Live! in Southern California. I remember meeting the Brick Show there and it was a blast! Here is what I ended up getting from the show that day.

Year 2 Beginnings

Here was the beginning of the Year 2 collection of LEGO Dimensions. I posted this video on launch day, exactly one year after the game had come out. I already knew at that point in time I wanted the whole Year 2 collection (which I eventually succeeded on). This was just the first few packs.

Popular Video!

This video got me a lot of popularity. In this video I got a Gold Brick four waves before you were supposed to get it. I even found a second and third versions later to do it as well. This even got me a shoutout from one of my favorite gaming youtubers at the time. You can find the shoutout here in the first minute or so of the video.

Crazy Game Breaking Glitch!

This Glitch was crazy when it got discovered. You basically were able to play as any character in the game up to Wave 6 in the Mystery Dimension. Another thing was if you turned to a character that could transform (like Bane or Homer) the actual instructions for the character would pop up. So I actually in my main file had Bane "unlocked" without having the character for years. Another fun use of this glitch was activating the Simpsons Level without Homer. When you entered said level the glitch was still in effect and you could be anyone. The glitch wore off after you got to the Simpsons World, but technically if you didn't have a Simpsons Character that was a nice touch too.

Still Growing!

At this point I think I was out of ideas for sub specials so I just made this video like a normal video. As you can see by my watermark I didn't have any professional video recording devices like OBS yet, and I was limited to 15 minute videos because of that. But I was excited and confused by a Wave 7.5, and as you can see in the video I was a really big fan of Knight Rider.

Another Gamebreaking Glitch!

This was definitely a crazy glitch that I found, it literally allowed you to go to an Adventure World without actually owning the character! I remember finding this out and this ended up being patched in a later wave (probably because TT saw my video) but it was a really good glitch for me because at the time I didn't own Ethan Hunt.

Infinite Studs!

A lot of people were requesting this video at the time, and surprisingly it went underrated after it posted, but this video is very valuable in collecting studs in LEGO Dimensions. Because of this trick I used I was able to get over a billion studs in the game relatively easily.

99 Cents Store?

This was huge for LEGO Dimensions. At this point we could all tell the game was struggling, especially because they were now selling the sets for a dollar at the 99 cents store. They only sold Year 1 early wave sets, but for someone who got the game after Wave 2, I was still missing a ton of sets at the time, and I still was missing some after going to the 99 cents store so much. (Spoiler, I got all the Year 2 sets before I had all the Year 1 sets) But this was the most valuable thing ever for me at the time. Here you can see all the fun I had reviewing all these packs.

Knight Rider!

I realize that I have another review right above this one, but this video couldn't be left out of this collection. I am a huge fan of Knight Rider, and I was so pumped that it was coming to this game (I think I even watched the whole entire show again before playing this pack), however when the pack came out it wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be. Here you can see my thoughts about this pack.

Cut Content?

I was already concerned when LEGO Dimensions sets started showing up in the 99 cents stores, but it really got crazy when the Wave 8 update came out. You can't really tell this by the video itself, but there was some cut content from Year 2 present first in this wave. The Gold Brick count went down from 1068 to 1016, which is a significant decrease from before. They also seemed to have cut two Level Packs, as on the Level Menu there were only four slots instead of six. At this point we knew something was up with the game.


This World was one of the most well laid out in Year 2, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that one of the lead game designers was a huge fan of this franchise. Here is the quest of one of the main characters, Mouth. (You could turn to eight different characters from one minifigure in this pack!)

LEGO City!

This was from the LEGO City Undercover Remastered Videogame, and this grew to be my most popular video very randomly. I don't think I ever would've expected this kind of video to get so many views, but I guess the YouTube algorithm picked this one up a few years after it came out.


This is the first and only update video I've posted, and this was unfortunately my last one until my big unexpected break. You could see by this video that I had a lot of content planned for the future, but a lot of it didn't happen unfortunately and I honestly don't remember why at this point. If you want to see this update then here is my ramble.

Wave 9!

This at the time was probably the most effort I had put into editing a single video, because I actually put images into it rather than using a traditional screen recorder. However, looking at Wave 9, you could definitely tell TT Games was trying to extend this game as long as possible because of how late this was coming out. If you remember Year 1, they had the entire Year laid out from the very beginning, however with Year 2, sometimes we wouldn't know when the next wave would come out until after the previous wave came out (like from Wave 8 to Wave 9). At this point the nail was in the coffin for LEGO Dimensions.

Long Commentary!

This was one of my last gameplay videos before the break, and I decided to spice it up a bit with this video and record some commentary! I did a relatively lengthy video with this and I thought since I had never really done something like this with a capture card before it turned out nicely.

The Final Video...

This was the final video I uploaded to my channel before I disappeared off YouTube for three years. Like I said, I don't even remember at this point why I left the platform, but as you can see by this video I wasn't planning to leave. The sad thing is I never actually got to cover any Wave 9 content (which yes I got those ones launch day too). But this was what I left on my channel for three years, so what did I do now?

My First Speedrun

This was my first ever video on Twitch, back when Twitch allowed any user to upload videos (they now limit it to Affiliates and Partners). I got a Switch the day after Christmas exclusively for this game, and I started speedrunning it in February after I 100%ed the game. The guides at the time weren't very good, but I learned as I went. I remember thinking I didn't want to randomly upload this to YT, so I put it on here so I could get it on the leaderboard. This was my first video recording, there is a second one as well in 2018 that was my PB on the speedrun leaderboard for two years until I came back in 2020. But other than these two videos the only other place I was still active was Twitter, where I was mostly just posting clips from my Switch to save on my phone. Life moved on for me, I got through high school and started community college, then eventually came the pandemic...

The Return?

Here we are all the way in June of 2020, I'm finally finishing LEGO Dimensions! I have to admit, the only reason I actually tried to finish this game is because my family was looking at my old YouTube channel and "humiliating" me. Well instead of humiliating me it inspired me to want to stream! With the pandemic and such I had already kinda gotten back into watching twitch, but them reminding me about playing LEGO Dimensions made me realize how much fun I had making videos and playing that game, and I had all the necessary characters to beat it, so I streamed it locally from my Xbox One (I had a capture card but my PC at the time wasn't good enough to stream on). I didn't really know it, but that was the start of something.

"The Era of Unlisted Videos"

This was a weird point in time, and it only lasted a couple of months. After I finished LEGO Dimensions, I started exploring the speedruns a little bit, and discovered not many people were actually running the game. So I posted a couple on my YT, as well as a few SMO runs. But once again, I didn't want to really alert people of my videos, just put them on the leaderboard, so I made them unlisted. Some of these were recorded on Twitch, some not. And some videos were only on Twitch. At this point I didn't have a very good PC still, so my next goal was to upgrade that. Here is a video when I was still in the middle of the upgrade. I was starting to learn more SMO runs. It's still unlisted so this is currently the only way to find this video.

4 Caps!

This was still in "the era of unlisted videos," but this one was recorded on Twitch. This was also after I upgraded my PC, so the level of quality was a little better. This was a fun one to do because this category is what got me back into Twitch in the first place, so I wanted to try it myself. This is currently still my PB, because after this run I felt pretty satisfied.

I'm back?

Here it is! The first public video since 2017! It was a full run of LEGO Dimensions speedrunning, so a very different video to come back with. I recorded this on Twitch, and most of my future videos up until now were also done that way. I just really liked being able to be surrounded by an audience while I play a game.

Xbox Series X!

I was fortunate enough to get this console on launch day! I got really lucky in the preorders and somehow I was able to get the console right when it came out! I pretty much bought this console exclusively for speedrunning LEGO Dimensions, which I will say definitely improved my runs a lot! This at the time was one of my only YouTube exclusive videos since my return, and surprisingly one of the least viewed since the return too. I had a lot of fun with this one, check it out!

A Way Out!

This was a really fun one to do, and I did this co-op with one of my mods, and I thought it was a really fun game to speedrun. We only ended up doing one run of it, but one was enough for me because it was just a different experience to run this. It was a long one and not the most family friendly game out there, but I definitely think this was a great game.

Mario in Boxers

This was offline and posted to YouTube because this literally took me hours to do. I had a lot of fun when I did get the good run but that took so much time. If you ever just have that feeling of satisfaction after taking hours to achieve something, that was me after this.

Huge WR Achieved!

This was a big moment for me in my speedrun career, even though now this record is outdated. This was actually something that I had been working toward for months, and because LEGO Dimensions has so many glitches there was always something getting in the way, but I was so happy I had broken the 5 hour barrier in this game, as you can see by my reaction at the end. This game is definitely not an easy one to run, but because this is my favorite game ever I liked trying it out and that worked into a very significant time.

All Moons!

There was no way I was going to leave this one out. I spent literally over a month prepping for this run, and I remember thinking it would be terrible, but as you can see I actually ended up doing really well! This is a video I have even just watched myself after it happened, as watching all moons can sometimes just drag me in which is why I loved running the category. This was definitely one of my most important Twitch streams ever.

The Game Awards!

This was the one video I uploaded from the Game Awards in 2021. I reacted to the whole thing here. I thought the show was decent, but I loved that they had a Sonic 2 trailer drop. I actually saw the movie a total of three times in the theater, so I would say watching the Game Awards was worth it to see this.

Summer Saturdays!

In May and June of 2022, I decided to branch out with some of my content. My goal for 2022 was to speedrun 12 new games throughout the entire year. During this series, a total of three new games were learned, as well as another five Saturdays of longer speedruns! The entire playlist can be found here, but featured as this video is my SMG2 242 Star from the last Summer Saturday of 2022.

And that about catches you up! My YouTube content has definitely been evolving and changing over the years, but I'm hoping to always be improving my content for as long as I am able! If you ever have any suggestions for me on content you'd like to see you can either leave them in my suggestions channel on discord or in the contact page on this website! If you watched through all of these videos then more power to you!