Why I started Blog Posting: An Intro

The reason I wanted to start a blog

Currently Down


Something to reflect on as I get a little bit older.


Just a little something you can read for this Christmas, thank you for a great year!


With finals coming up here for many of us this week, a word of advice from yours truly.

(Some of) My Travel Experiences

I have been very fortunate in my life to have gotten to travel so much in my early years of life, let's talk about some of the trips I've done.


Thank you all for reading these in such weird times. Let's talk about why else I'm thankful!

YouTube Removes Dislike Counter

YouTube has removed the dislike counter on videos. Why?

Change and How I've Dealt with it

Change has been a big thing in my life the last few months, and throughout all of our lives. What is a good way to handle it?

My College Journey (So Far)

Transitioning to College is Hard. Here's my journey through my last couple years of it.

Currenty Down